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Approach to Independence

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Why Advisors Join Infinity

Our flexible independent advisor experience is built for today's advisor, who seeks the right balance of freedom and support. We leverage our location in Silicon Valley to bring you fin-tech tools and ideas that help your business run efficiently. Here's what we offer financial advisors who make the move to Infinity:

Practice Models That Fit Your Style

Becoming affiliated with Infinity Financial Services enables you to team up with us in different ways:

  • Infinity Financial Services branded financial advisor – you use our firm branding and leverage our well-established infrastructure – including our email services, business cards, and letterhead. Maintain your own office, or consider joining us in our offices in Oakland, California.
  • Independent “DBA” – you clear securities offered to your clients through Infinity. This arrangement allows you to maintain your own branding in the community.
  • Infinity Financial Services advisor/branch manager – in this dual role, you can consider bringing in-house representatives onboard to affiliate with us and grow your business.
Infinity Needs Advisors

Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Advisors

  • Significantly grow AUM; attract and retain clients
  • Offer a wider range of investment and risk management products
  • Increase fee and/or commission income
  • Leverage modern practice management technology
  • Collaborate with veteran managers who understand your challenges
  • Spend more time with clients and less time on administration
  • Access professional client communications and digital marketing services
  • Experience a speedy and seamless transition
  • Leave current employer without legal repercussions or restrictions
  • Achieve lifestyle and career goals

Transition Speed and Support

We work closely with you to make the process of moving your practice to Infinity quick and straightforward. We’re advisors ourselves, so we understand your needs. We consult with you to find the most efficient document repapering process. Our goal is to make the transition experience as smooth and cost-effective as possible. You'll be pleased with our level of support as you begin an exciting new phase of your career.